Fall time is around the corner for some of us Texans(well at least we hope it is!!) One of my favorite times of the years would have to be fall. Throughout the year we have a little bit of each season(and I mean VERY LITTLE)!! sometimes I feel when I start off a new year you usually start it off with a BANG! fireworks, parties food family & friends! and then you wake up the next day and the excitement is over. As each season approaches your mood almost changes with it.As Fall and the holidays come around remember to not let yourself fall with the season!! Whether your going through something tough or good. Be happy ya’ll or well…. try to be! The temperatures are dropping but you are NOT! -Meg

Background on the name of my blog!! It has taken me a few months to finally come up with a meaningful name for my blog and it finally clicked!! You have one soul that you will have FOREVER no matter what you have done or what has happen to you One heart. Your heart is locked in a box with a gold lock on it and the key to open is gold as well. This gold key to open your heart is in Gods hands. One God.Through everything in life whether it be bad or good you know that no matter what you will always have that one person to rely on.